Radware DefensePro level1

Radware DefensePro level1

This course covers DefensePro® product. Learn how to isolate, block and prevent application-level attacks, coupling unmatched security performance with advanced security intelligence. Understand how to securely connect and protect all mission-critical applications by thwarting viruses, intrusions, Trojans, worms and Denial of Service attacks. Learn how to eliminate security tool vulnerabilities and bottlenecks across all combined security architectures, overcoming the security vs. performance trade-off for fault-tolerant and highly scalable defense.

The DefensePro Level 1 class is a structured 3-day course that is meant to highlight all the features and functions used on the DefensePro along with hands on labs to illustrate the protection mechanics

Install and deploy a DefensePro based on deployments guidelines

• Understand the different Attack Protection capabilities and how to configure them

• Navigate and use APSolute Vision

• Understand fundamentals of Vision Reporter

1 Day Presentations:

• Security Landscape Overview

• Introduction to AMS

• Introduction to DefensePro

• Hardware and Connectivity

• Administration and Security Policies

• Behavioral DoS Hands on Labs: Administration and Initial Configuration:

2 Day  Presentations:

Next Generation DNS Protection

• SYN Flood Protection o DefenseSSL

• Out of State Protection

• Connection Limits

3 Day  Presentations:

• Signature Protections

      o Signature Profiles

      o Custom Signatures

• Policy Exceptions (Black & White Lists)

• Vision and Vision Reporter

• Deployment Guidelines

Lab 1a – Initial DefensePro Setup

Lab 1b - Connecting to Your DefensePro Using APSolute Vision

Lab 2 – Administering DefensePro Network Flood Protection:

Lab 3 – Behavioral DoS Protection

Lab 4 – DNS Flood Protection

Lab 5 – SYN Flood Protection

Lab 6 – SYN Flood SSL Protection

Lab 7 – Out of State Protection

Lab 8 – Connection Limits

Signature Protection:

Lab 10 – Signature Protection

Lab 11 – Custom Signatures Additional Components

Lab 12 – Policy Exceptions (Black & White lists)

Lab 13 – Administration

Lab 14 – Vision Reporter


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